About Me

Welcome to my art journey!

Crafting painting and creating has always been a huge part of my life for as long as I can really remember and always wanted to dive deeper. I recently have had the opportunity to give my full attention to painting and it is so fulfilling.

I have a great passion for contemporary and abstract expressionism. I am mostly self-taught and paint intuitively. My creative side was part of my everyday growing up having an interest in my natural surroundings, the outdoors and creating something unique for others to love and admire. I am drawn to paint in bold bright vibrant colours, it can be a messy process, but it feels great to jot down ideas and visions that eventually become a reality, incorporating textures and definite line work with collage and spray paints for affect. I use mostly acrylic with oil pastels and ink washes on canvas. Part of my painting is experimenting in layers which is what makes the process so exciting and rewarding exploring new techniques and putting energy into the painting.

I have a home studio in Co Louth that is my happy place where I can relax paint freely and listen to music. I take lots of inspiration from the sea landscape and beautiful surroundings of my home as well as the many trips and travels to North America that are steeped in culture architecture and arts. The urban graffiti style artwork can be seen in my style of painting which is heavily influenced by the art districts in San Francisco NYC Philadelphia and Chicago, that I have been luckily enough to visit whilst working with an airline for 13 years. I love to collect textiles and material and paper cuttings that are abstract unique and intriguing and to incorporate them into my work on different mediums. Thank you for visiting my site!

~Jenny x